Golden Sur Sport Management is an agency representing athletes, technical directors, and sports clubs, but is not a common agency: our philosophy urges us to protect and defend the sporting and economic interests of those we represent, perfectly knowing their personality and life expectations. Each athlete has needs, concerns and individual expectations, which can’t be extrapolated to others.

To achieve this vision, we believe it is essential to create a climate of mutual trust between the representative and those being represented. And for that, one must spend time with the athlete. Based on this premise, we consider inefficient to represent a huge number of clients, because that impacts negatively on the quality of service. Our agency is not intended as a wholesale warehouse of represented clients, and on the contrary, exclusivity and talent of those we represent are the key elements that define our exclusive agency.

The professionals of Golden Sur Sport Management focus their efforts towards achieving a mission: BUILDING SUCCESS. Because success is not the result of a day, but is constructed over an entire career. And this maxim we apply in our company is also conveyed to our athletes.

We work on the future, because the future is ours.