Young players embody soccer purity and conceive it in its original state

Soccer is increasingly marketed and exposed to media, the soccer base represents the romantic dimension of this sport. Far from the spotlight, young players embody soccer purity and conceive it in its original state.

Experience tells us that there are many promising children but few of them achieve success: most are left behind because of bad advice and lack of educational preparation of their supporters (who often abandon themselves to egotistical delirium more easily than the children themselves).

That is why we impose ourselves as our obligation, with special diligence and care, to attract young talent and guide them through their career. We understand that success is a long lasting race, and that precipitation with emerging talent can be lethal.

The work of Golden Sur Sport Management with the younger athletes it represents, is summarized in three points:

  • Finding the best options at the base teams among the most prestigious clubs so that our promising athletes continue developing their talent without forgetting about their personal development and education.
  • Enhancing the values of respect for others, tolerance, equality and teamwork, which are essential both in soccer and in the human dimension.
  • Maintaining close communication with parents to know the needs, concerns and mood of those we represent, as well as their immediate surroundings.