New business niches are in the prosperous Middle East market and in Asia

In the context of sports sponsorship, Golden Sur Sport Management is responsible for contacting those involved in marketing: first, the owner of the rights of a trademark (sporting event, federation, club…) and, secondly, the sponsor, perceives a value in linking his company with the owner of the rights of a trademark.

Our organization deals with analyzing forecasts of potential sponsors in order to design and implement a sponsorship management method that allows successfully meeting the expectations of those involved. To do this, we follow to detail the following protocol:

  • Identifying partners who provide value to the event.
  • Selecting the right partners in relation to the objective of the owner of rights.
  • Designing an offer susceptible of meeting their expectations competitively.

To carry out this service, we manage to formalize the relationship between the parties at the legal level, ensuring a streamlined and efficient development of such cooperation.

In this area, we work every day to improve our services. We are aware of the importance of the national market of athletes and agents outside of our own country, so our network of partners has a strong international expertise, wherein our new business niches are in the prosperous Middle East market (Saudi Arabia, Azerbaijan, Qatar, Bahrain and UAE ) and in Asia (South Korea, Japan and Malaysia).